Well now, seeing as this is not yet a promoted site, how did you find your way here?

First things first – the expo was a success, and I’ve been getting good mentions from all over. Unfortunately, that was my latest emotional high: I’ve had a hell of a summer, with the crown jewel beeing the broken collar bone that had to be surgically fixed – only to get infected. Antibiotics and a shitload of analgesics. Got some new and interesting looking internal body bling bling to get through the security check points at the airports. That ought to be fun.

I’ve actually bought my microscope, which I’ve been longing for since… I guess since I was 12-14 years old! And even better, it’s a good one as well, and I’ve added a photo adapter, so that I can mount my DSLR on the third light guide. Pics will be up as soon as I get used to having a site to maintain.

It’s going to be a looong winter this year…