I’m having one of those geeky nights.

I recently discovered a new (actually old, but I’d never heard of it) photo stacking software, which I’m currently through putting every single one of my photomicrographs.

A stacking software is a program that’s designed to identify slight differences in photos and mix them together, creating an improved image. In my case, when it comes to photomicrography, or micrography, the slight difference is the focus plane. One single image of a spherical object would not be especially interesting to the common eye, but if you stack multiple layers of differently focused images (using the software) you’ll get a single image with seamless focus all through the entire image.

Think of it as a bartender that does the most awesome Cuba Libre (or Mentirita, if you’re from Cuba). You know the ingredients, but still he does a heck of a lot better drink than you yourself in the kitchen, and at only the fraction of the time.

The thing is still: time. It takes time to prepare the photos for the software, it takes time to load them through, and it takes time to enhance them afterwards. Someday I might choose to show a comparison.

All this while re-watching “The Return of the King” for the n+1:th time. Skål.