Just got home from work. Almost fell down on the sofa, and the energy reserve for today is empty. Although I’m not tired.

Some words stick around in the back of your head, while others just evaporate as soon as they hit your ears. Mondegreen is one of those words that got stuck. Yeah, it really is a word, it’s been featured in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2002. Heard the word on a pretty recent episode of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, that, by the way, is an incredible (pun intended for SGU fans) show! By the way, this is a link to the show’s website with all their episodes and interesting articles.

I’m going to enjoy a bit of photo editing now, I’ve got 270 photos that I took through my microscope yesterday of some hairs and mucus from a dog. Repulsive to handle, although quite interesting. I’m always thinking about my next shoot: what am I going to look at? What would be awesome to take pictures of? How will I find the time and energy to make it happen?

Happy thursday, everybody.