I usually like the weeks, almost as much as the weekends.

This week has been rough, though. I had a shitload of regular work, and that was before my colleague (the only colleague I’ve got on spare parts) got ill, and had to leave work Tuesday afternoon. This increased the work load on me, and if that wasn’t enough, I got locked out from my computer when I and our CFO (the IT admin and office guru) tried to mend a domain error on my client. Only solution was to format the computer and reinstall everything WHICH I DID LAST FRIDAY. Tons of joy.

Well, needless to say, this weekend I wont leave the apartment. Had a nice Friday with a glass of red wine and going to bed at 21:30. This morning started out with a headache, which magically disappeared when I found mould in the coffee filter. How many people do you know, me excluded, that silently cheers when finding mould at home?

Anyways, I immediately put on the vinyl gloves and prepared a slide with some ground beans and mould on it. Gorgeous! Mould is truly beautiful! I took a bunch of photos, which I’m now about to transfer to Lightroom (oh god, what did I do before Lightroom? I can’t even remember!) to have a look. Will probably take a couple of hours to develop the micrographs, but I have a feeling that today will render some beautiful photos.

Wish you all a nice weekend!