Bought myself a mushroom today. I don’t even like mushrooms. Eating them, that is. I’m immensely fascinated by them, though.

They’re not plants, they are not animals, and not protists. They’re fungi! I love how the English language has adopted Latin in some instances, like fungus – fungi, radius – radii, etcetera. (See what I did there?)

Organisms that do not contain chlorophyll, so their cellular breathing is more similar to ours. They don’t, however, eat their sustenance, but they rather absorb it, like plants do (well, at least it’s more similar to plants than us). These are also among the largest organisms on earth! Genetic testing has proved that if you’d walk through a forest, only picking one type of mushrooms in a basket, you could very well be picking “flowers” from the same fungal organism. They can stretch over an area larger than a football field and weighting more than a blue whale.

I digressed, sorry, but I like looking at such a magnificent organism through the lenses of my microscope, seeing the tiny microstructures that form these huge living, breathing mushrooms.

So that’s what’s up for this evening. A regular Wednesday, working tomorrow, as usual. Looking at the miracle of life, and every beautiful shade of evolutionary colour visible to us humans.