A couple of months ago, I broke my collarbone. Would not recommend others to do the same, it hurt like hell and the surgery was very painful. A bad fall during a party down a couple of steps on a stair, landed very unfortunately on grass. Well, fortunately on grass, it was the landing itself that was awkward and broke my bone. Broke in two places, got a ride to the ER (luckily one of the party attendees were sober, THANKS TOMAS!) and a couple of days later I was on the surgery list.

I’m afraid of needles, at least when they’re directly interconnected with the blood vessels. It’s fine to take inoculations, but the IV needle that went into my hand almost made me pass out from hyperventilating. Thank god for decent analgesics, they took the edge of my nervousness almost immediately. The surgery went fine, stayed for a night at the hospital, and then at home for three weeks, not even being able to sleep in the bed due to the severe pains. I say pains in plural, as there was bone ache, skin laceration stinging, muscle pain and just a dozen other types of pain. I also hate morphine, but had to use it just to be able to stand the pain.

All in all, I’ve seen myself as injured for a couple of months now, and leading up to this summer (when I broke the collarbone) I had some difficulties with getting my asthma under control, so now, today, I haven’t exercised since march. I’ve gained weight and feel like my body is loosing it’s functionality. But tomorrow might be the day, I’m really longing for the feel of muscle soreness all over, and the rush of a good spar.

Hopefully I’ll be writing bruised and battered tomorrow at this hour. Hajime!