I know that almost everybody’s stressed out in December. Me too.

I’m behind on all chores that are the Christmas due, but at least I’ve got one area where I’m just a tad bit behind: work. I’ve successfully navigated between spare parts, marketing and random office duties. For example, I need to photograph everyone at the office, the sales reps, service technicians and all other. That’s quite a lot of work, seeing as I’m not a professional photographer, my equipment is low-budget (save from the software, I absolutely LOVE Adobe’s Creative Cloud!). There’s also the administrative fact: only about 10 out of 36 frequently visits our HQ, so tomorrow I’ve got a shitload of work in front of me. Also need to create a “selfie”, which I’m not accustomed with. I usually avoid getting caught on images, and that also includes cell phone selfies.


Oh well.