To most people (or perhaps to most kids), Christmas is the time of long waiting. I had a stressful December (as everyone else), which culminated in a pleasant Christmas dinner. No problems with the waiting, even though my stack of gifts could be referred to as of childish size.

Today I got my new DSLR. I’ve had two digital cameras before this one, first a Canon 350D which I loved, and wore out, followed by my renaissance camera (after a long break from photography) – a Canon M3. The M3 was good and all, but a little bit too compact for my taste. I’ve got small hands, but I could not possibly fit my pinky finger on the camera, so it just hung mid-air when I carried it. Secondly, it lacked the possibility of tethered shooting, which is when you connect it to the computer and use the computer to shoot the pictures instead of the cameras trigger. This is especially useful when photographing through a microscope, which incidentally is one of my major areas of photography. I’ve tried the Wi-Fi connection with the M3 to my Android phone, but it really drains the batteries in a horrendous pace. An infrared remote controller was then purchased, and while it worked, it was still a tad annoying, as it demanded me to make sure that the sensor got a clear line of sight to the remote. Also, I couldn’t transfer the photos instantly, but rather afterwards instead.

These two arguments (the size and the tethering) was the reason for me to upgrade to a Canon 80D. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it was a pleasant experience unboxing it today – save for the realisation that the battery was completely empty.

I’ve never experienced a charging time so long, it feels like it was days ago I plugged it in. Last I looked, though, the triple-flash of the diode indicated 75%, so I’m a bit excited now, to say the least.

The first task tonight, that the camera will be tested upon is oddly enough the second task I put my M3 through: photographing a jig saw puzzle.