So, I’ve just finished my Christmas holidays time off work. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the office, with fresh and regenerated energy supplies.

I’ve got an exciting spring to look forward to, with the release of a new web site, work related educations (production engineering) and a whole lot of advertisements that I need to finish. Hopefully, I’ll be back with my regular exercise as well. Hope my new and shiny collar bone add-on will provide the protection that I hope for.

The new camera came in time, and it’s really a blast to work with. My equipment that I purchased to my old camera has, all of a sudden, stepped up a notch and performed excellently! Even the cheap-o-flash that I bought on a fluke has performed marvellously with the new camera. Obviously, the mirrorless cameras aren’t up to speed yet, and leaves a lot to wish for when it comes to autofocus accuracy, speed and response times. Well, well, let’s only hope that I can make good use of it. I’ve got grand plans.

Well, now it’s time to iron my shirts and make sure my suits are in working condition. Evenin’.