I’m having troubles sitting still – me and my oldest friends are going abroad on a vacation in the end of April. I’m really excited!

But, of course, I got to rant about something I like – otherwise you wouldn’t recognise this blog. Today’s rant is about my Micro pipette. It’s absolutely lovely, and a great precision tool for measuring small volumes with high repeatability. I use it when applying liquids on a microscope slide, like immersion oil or glycerol, and when extracting a very specific part of a suspension of liquids, for example a pond sample containing microbes. When put in a Petri dish it’s even easier to extract something out of a pond sample! This one I got from the British Amazon, and since the seller didn’t deliver to Sweden, I had to make my sister (who lives in London) bring it to me when she travelled home.

As a micro pipette it’s quite nice. It feels right in my approximately size 8.5 hands, good resistance in the volume knob, and it was shipped with a small tool for calibrating it, a small holder with sticky tape for storing it vertically, and a small tube with grease. I feel I need to grease the rubber bushing, as the first push down on the knob for the day always encounters some resistance, but other than that I’m very happy with this pipette. Probably going to buy a couple more of them, to cover more volumes.

As for this weekend, I’m really in the need for some alone-time. With a glass of whisky. And my microscope.