Well, this weekend has so far had its ups and downs. The ups started last night, me and Linda had a nice relaxed evening at home. It started with a bottle of Champagne and a cigar on the balcony, followed by a nice and light dinner, with some progress with our current jigsaw. Really relaxing.

The cigar was a gift to me from Linda’s little sister, and what a gift it was. Originally it was a “Figurado”, which is way too big for me to smoke at once. I’m not a regular smoker, I just enjoy a cigar one a month – tops. So, I did actually cut it in half. I got a nice, clean cut, but the cover separated a bit, and I don’t have any cigar glue at home…but I still had a very nice experience with it. Lots of interesting tastes; marzipan, toasted bread, oak and coffee with cream. The smoke was thick and heavy, but not until afterwards did I realise the amount of nicotine in it – I got seriously dizzy. Stuffed my mouth with as many sugars as possible (lucky break, we’d bought a big bag of candy). But all in all, I expect the next half of the cigar will be equally pleasant.

Today, on the other hand, we got some sad news – one of Linda’s relatives, that was struggling since many years with a chronic disease, passed away this morning. We lit her a candle and thought of her – but unfortunately not for long enough, the duties of the day had to be done.

She will be missed.

Today’s picture: The god of fire.