When winter stands around the corner, I take the first snow as a sign of the imminent seasonal change. Spring time, it’s the breaking of the first buds that’s the starters for the upcoming season. I’ve been thinking a lot on the topic, and for the first time ever I actually look forward to the next season without having any satisfaction with the current. Usually, I appreciate the seasons as they are, with all their flawed weather and temperatures.

There’s too much for me to look forward to! All the rotifiers that lives in the dirt and waters around here soon springs to life again, extruding from the protectiveness of the underlying warmth to gather food and reproduce. The same thing goes for all the plants, waiting underneath the cold crusts for the spring light an warmth that the sun brings. The transformation really is wonderful here, were we get all the gorgeous changes in the seasons.

Today we got the chance to sit outside and drink a cup of coffee in the sun, for the first time for this season. It’s amazing how only 15 minutes of sun can rejuvenate the mind and increase the expectations of the spring. She doesn’t ever disappoint.

Today’s photo: An early plant at my office.