Yeah, I know, misleading headline when looking at the photo. I didn’t find any good photos of magpies, so I just grabbed a photo from yesterday’s lunch break.

I saw the most amazing thing today! There were two male fieldfares [björktrast] fighting. Really getting into it, continuing for quite many seconds, hurling about on the ground with their claws and beaks at each other. Then, from a nearby tree, lands a magpie [skata] right on the brawlers, and breaks the fight up. He or she continuously makes sure that he or she is positioned in between the pair, and prods its wings up to separate the contenders. I know that many people dislike magpies, as they are a part of the crow family. Also being a vicious predator and scavenger also helps feed the dislike. Me, I’m all for them. I really find them interesting. They show so much emotion, when you look at them. Today’s act of heroism was just another observation by me, and my opinion hasn’t changed. They joke around, tease and laugh, and also, obviously, shows compassion.

On another note, spring is really close now, there’s more and more flowers bursting out from the ground, and if you blink you might miss it. Savour every day!

Today’s photo: Anemone nemorosa [Vitsippa]