So, spring comes around after all, and brings with it a couple of exciting news.

First of all, I’ve got the opportunity to exhibit some of my photomicrographs. Time to start the editing process, since I need to be ready in just a couple of weeks. I’ve chosen a name for the exhibition: “Liv i detalj”, which translates to “Life in Detail”. That’s where I stand at the moment – a name. Nothing in it. So there’s probably were all my spare time will go flying away.

These news were presented to me just after an intensive weekend in Barcelona with my best friends. We had a great time, and brought spring with us home. Optimism fills the air, and all Swedes start to smile instead of glaring angrily at each other. Needless to say, I’m a glarer as well.

I’ve gathered some new and exciting objects to view through the microscope, due to the exhibition. I’ve gotten a hold of a magpie feather, some flower buds and a butterfly. I’ve longed for the opportunity to view a butterfly through the microscope, but I honestly feel like a killer when I got the insect out of the freezer. It’s still, even after a couple of days of verified “deadness”, terrifying to put the scalpel at the butterfly. It’s an annoying feeling, since my point of view is that insects are expendable. Bees are excluded, of course; they need to be preserved and cared for.

Today’s photo: Lighting fixtures from a café in Barcelona.