Sometimes I’m struck with irrational feelings, and the confusion it creates makes me ponder the situation for hours.

Today I experienced just that – irrational fear. Well, not fears, but rather an unsettlement or a feeling of discomfort. I caught a silverfish at work, which I froze (as usual) for viewing under the optics of my microscope. When I opened my Eppendorf tube with the tiny insect in it, I felt such discomfort that I didn’t dare to touch it – even with nitrile gloves on! And whilst viewing it, I was on edge the entire time. I got really startled when the camera mirror locked down after time-out on the live view. This discomfort doesn’t seem logical to me, and I wonder why it was present. A hypothesis that lingers in my mind is that the speed of which some insects crawl makes us uncomfortable, since we know that they might be uncatchable.

I’ll end tonight’s rant on a lighter side (pun intended, since natural diffraction is an optical property of some materials and structures) with a microphotograph containing a part of a feather from a magpie, Pica pica. Also, wonder if the creators of Pokémon were inspired by magpies…

Today’s photo: A feather from a magpie [skata].