Some weeks pass by like nothing happened – like this one. Filled with new knowledge and experiences. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a new website for one of the two companies I’m working at. With the release of the website I endeavoured on a path I’ve only glimpsed at: Search Engine Optimisation and Analytics. I’ve explored Google Analytics and Search Console, with the goal of making sure our site offers the best user experience for our visitors – and that our visibility through search engines are as good as possible. This can be a small task, although mostly it’s a herculean task. Search rankings, statistics – it’s almost overwhelming. But my head enjoys the challenge – even though I deem most information available on the web subpar. Google does the best job – albeit coloured by their eagerness to sell. That’s what average Joe forgets – Google is an advertising company. That’s what they sell. And they are wickedly good at it. I’m far from experienced, but I aim to maximise my knowledge in the subject.

On a lighter note, I finished the cold week with a nice cigar on the balcony. A “Private Stock” medium filler. Not my favourite, but still a very nice smoke. Very dynamic, it changed tastes during the 25 minutes I got to enjoy it. It started out with thyme and butterscotch and finished with a wooden flavour. The Zacapa that followed it into my mouth was, as usual, excellent.

Regarding the photomicrograph featured to this post: it’s part of the butterfly I’ve been looking at for a couple of days now, this time in ultra violet lighting. I love that word, butterfly. Especially how every language seems to keep their traditional wording for it without adhering to international influences. Butterfly, mariposa, farfalla, papilion, Schmetterling, fjäril…the list is beautiful, as is every word for it. And on that note: have a nice weekend.

Today’s photo: Butterfly wing under Ultra violet light.