These past weeks surely have been filled to the brim. After returning from Malmö and letting all the emotions sink in, me and Linda went to Paris for a week. We had excellent weather, drank a lot of good wines, ate some very nice meals, and I got ill. Really ill. Like the old Swedish commercial: “You women talk about delivering kids. You haven’t experienced the being of a man with a bad cold!”. Kidding aside, of course. I developed a fever, ear infection, sinus infection and a throat infection during the second to last day in Paris. I forced myself through that day with a smile on my face, but the last day was definitely destroyed by my rising fever. After a terrible flight home with loads of pain and difficulties breathing, we went to the local emergency room, where my temperature, even though I was on the maximum allowed dosage of paracetamol and ibuprofen, was measured at 39.2º C. Throat cultures and CPR-test resulted in me getting a heavy dose of antibiotics.

With no time to recover I went back to work this Monday. My last dose of antibiotics were consumed yesterday, so I’m no longer ill, but I’ve still got some cough and a general feeling of exhaust, along with intermittent hearing impairment. Fun times.

This Friday is the Swedish holiday of Midsummers eve, which is the most celebrated holiday except for Christmas. We (not me) eat herring, dance and drink all day. I’ve even made my own schnapps, with vodka, watermelon, lime and lemon. It’s been a hit every year I’ve made it, and I think this batch might be my best ever. Thumbs held (fingers crossed)!

Next week will be spent in Switzerland, where I’ll meet our newest agency and get the opportunity to study their selection of machines. A full schedule between Monday morning and Thursday evening. No time for relaxation. At least I’ll be able to try out my latest purchase, a wide angle lens for my camera…

If I don’t see you around the Midsummer’s pole and get the opportunity to greet you in person, I wish you a happy Midsummer!


Today’s photo: a ladybug on a wild flower. Photo was taken when I had a fever of 39 degrees. Lucky shot!