Life takes its turns sometimes. Since last time I wrote, I’ve suffered more and more from my depression. A change in pills and dosage has left me weak and vulnerable. But overall, I’ve had a nice summer, and keep a positive outlook on the near future. Midsummer’s Eve went by with a blast, and I got back to work again after the holidays. As I write this, the Swedish industry seems to be at a stand-still, there really is next to nothing to do.

This last weekend we had a bachelor’s party for my oldest and dearest friend. Humiliation was a key factor, but he really kept his chin up. Had it been my bachelor’s party, I’d probably felt like it was the worst day of my life, but he truly enjoyed it!

The day started at 07:00 with a surprise pick-up at his home. After dressing him up in a terrible manner, we went to the southern part of Stockholm for ATV racing and a paintball tournament. After a quick barbeque lunch we travelled to Gärdet, a central field in Stockholm, for “Bubbleball” and relaxation. A nice walk to a hotel for a change of clothes, and we were set for dinner, poker tournament and partying. All in all, a very successful bachelor’s party.

When reviewing my recent blog posts, I’m surprised that I haven’t mentioned any of the games that I’m playing. I’ve always played computer- and video games, but always in a casual way. My temper (and poor eye-thumb-coordination) gets in the way of me competing in anything. The reason I feel that I should mention a specific game now is that I’ve logged a great many hours of gameplay with a particular game. It’s a simulator (“Of course”, you say, if you know me!) that teaches orbital mechanics and astrophysics. The game has no goal, just a “Sandbox” simulation of an alternate star system populated with green bipedal humanoids called “Kerbals”. Time consuming, boring to look at, but loads of fun for the scientifically curious.

Today’s photo: the roof of a train station in Barcelona.