So, today’s my birthday.

When planning birthdays I usually think about champagne and relaxing at home, but this day aims to displease. I had to join our sales reps at work to Hannover for the big machine Expo. Could be fun, don’t get me wrong, but seeing as it diverts from my normal birthdays I feel a bit on edge.

Tried to get a glass of champagne at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, but unfortunately they didn’t have any left for me. Found a cheap and boring prosecco instead, but I’m not pleased.

When landing at Hamburg airport I didn’t find any bars at terminal 2. Starbucks for this birthday child.

Now, I’m seriously bored and anxious – we’re meeting customers in about an hour. Hopefully I’ll get a glass of wine there to lighten my cravings.


Today’s picture: just a random flower. Small, though.