I consider it obvious that my last two months has been…let’s say dark. I’ve been feeling all kinds of down, and not being able to know whether I’d be able to pull out of the emotional dive.

Needless to say, since I’m back here writing my thoughts out to the expansive nothingness of the Internet, I’m getting better.

Usually my Sunday routines includes ironing shirts and polishing my shoes for the week. Today, though, it’s the 3rd Advent, which means that other tasks takes precedence. Even though Sweden is mostly secularised we still enjoy the Norse and the Christian holidays. And thus, as we are nearing Christmas Eve, when our festivities culminate, we need to prepare. For me and my girlfriend, that means tidying and bringing in the Christmas tree. We are currently both indisposed, however, as we emptied our energetic reserves yesterday by shopping all of our Christmas presents. We tried vacuum cleaning and doing the dishes, but we both felt that our potential energy needed to be reduced. That’s why we’re both lying in the sofa, as low as possible without being on the floor.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to track my mood a bit better from now on. I’ve come to terms with keeping a mood journal, and found this great app that’s called Daylio. The reason is that I’m getting depressed of not feeling creative any more. I try and try, browsing through Pinterest for ideas, but no spark. I want to pull out my microscope from the kitchen cabinet (am I not the worst living partner ever? I mean, stealing an entire cupboard for myself…) and start looking, but there’s no energy in me for it, and I’m afraid that it will cause more commitment issues that solve my need for creativity. Well, hopefully I’ll get some photos of the Christmas tree when we’re finished.

Today’s photo: a part of my shoe polishing box, made out of cedar wood.