You might have noticed a slight absence from this site in the last couple of months. One might say that my depression made it difficult to get the words going, but in all honesty, I’ve had some negative feelings towards the site. Not that I don’t still like to tinker with it, but I’ve had some difficulties with malicious code. The bad code has infected my site in such a way that I myself wasn’t able to remove the code. I really hated the idea of starting over, even with all the import possibilities with WordPress (you can basically copy a site down to the date stamps, if you have the backup files). So, I started looking at code.

A lot of code. Shockingly boring. The most visible layer of code was quite easily found, as it didn’t hide itself that well. On one hand, files with randomised names popped up in some folders, and at the same time, time stamps told me which files were edited. Once inside those files, the code looked machine-made, not man-made. After my host blocked all access to my site a couple of times, due to spam, they told me, I got frustrated and removed a whole bunch of folders and files that had some minor discrepancies as well. Hopefully, there will not be a next time, but you never know. I’ve removed and reinstalled almost every one of my plugins, just to be a little surer that I’ve done what I can. I don’t feel like putting out a huge amount of money for a premium malware protection, I think I’d rather start over. But hey, it works for now.

Tonight I’m off to buy a boatload of candy, as I’ll go away alone on a business trip tomorrow, and be back before the weekend. Sometimes, the business trips, really can be a nice break for me. Especially when I’ve got the evenings to myself.

Today’s photo: wires hanging under the Neuchâtel sky.