So, I’ve started phasing out one of my meds. So far it’s been all good; I’ve been getting less and less side effects, I don’t feel worse in my depression and I’m looking forward to the continuation of the phase-out. So that’s nice!

I’ve also logged over 80 days in a row with my mood journal app, so I’m getting closer and closer to the goal I had in mind when I started logging my moods – a good base for statistical analysis.

In just under a week, I, my girlfriend and her mother will be travelling to Italy for a week in the Dolomites. Unfortunately, my toe, which I dislocated a couple of weeks ago, still isn’t all right. I got X-rays taken on the night of the dislocation, and no bone were broken, but I might have injured ligaments and tendons. I hopped around on crutches for about a week, and then limping for another week, and now I can walk without limp inducing pain. That sounds good, I know, but every evening, when I remove my shoes there’s a whole lot of aching. Not soreness, not bruising pain, but deep aching, like bone ache. I know it’s not bone ache, but still, it feels horrible, to say the least. I got the recommendation that I should join the toe with the adjacent one, using surgical tape, and so I have. Now, though, as I’m not getting better, I’ve started experimenting with cotton in between the toes, so that it spaces out a bit more, and I got to say, that after two days it’s feeling a bit better. Here’s to hoping.

Linda is really excited about this trip, and try to micro plan everything from what we should bring and how we should pack, to what meals we might find in the restaurants and cafés. I’m not that into that type of planning – as long as we have a place to stay, means to travel to and from the lifts, and our flights verified, I’m all set. The rest will sort itself out, you never know how you feel when you actually arrive.

So, on this lovely, cold Sunday, when I regularly would exercise, shop for groceries and iron my shirts, I sit in the sofa. Bitter. Playing KSP and watching Doctor Who. For those who cares, rewatching the eleventh Doctor, and as I write this, the good man has gone to war at Demon’s Run.


Today’s picture: an exterior roof at an entrance of a building in central Stockholm.