If you are really paying attention, you’ll notice a slight difference in my URL. I’ve migrated my site to another domain, from bjorn.ofverstedt.se to bjornofverstedt.se. The previous domain was owned and maintained by a close relative to me, but I felt I need to be solely responsible for up- and down-time in order to advance my knowledge of site hosting. So far, I’m really satisfied with the migration!

I’m also considering a one-page-look to the site, instead of sub-pages. I’ll look in to that in the future.

The last couple of weeks has been a menace on my energy – we had our big exhibition in May, so basically I spent the entire month in Jönköping, about 30km south of Stockholm, just to oversee the installation of our 6 machines and to make sure everything went as it should.

Today’s picture: glowing metal chips flying from a mill during the exhibition. Just a second or two after this photo was taken, the tool broke and smashed in to the protective glass were I was viewing it!