The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb.


After the initial mandatory nine years of primary school, I chose a High School equivalent with an emphasis on computer science and technology. I accumulated an extra 650 hours of studies during these three years (equivalent of an extra 3 quarters of a study year) to make sure that I had sufficient points to achieve a double certification, both in computer technology and the natural sciences. This came in handy for my next challange.

Without a pause, I moved from Stockholm to Uppsala, a city approximately 70 km north of Stockholm, and began my Master of Science studies in Bioinformatics. This new and exiting way of tackling the growing need of programming skills among biotechnical and pharmaceutical development has been quite successful. Increasing amounts of data is put through our computers to develop, enhance and alter current (and completely new) areas of biotechnology and pharmaceutics.

This was indeed a rocky road for me to embark upon, fresh out of my home and without the social skills that was demanded on a young student. I would not recommend myself this road, had I the chance to give myself advice. It turned out that the programme took me much longer than needed, and ultimately I found a perfect workplace for me, that needed me at a time before I could complete my thesis and receive my diploma. One should never say never, though.