We have art in order not to die of truth.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I got my first camera at a very early age, and always had the liberty to use as much film as I wanted. Before I’d finished upper secondary school, I got my first SLR. A simple, but interesting Konica Minolta. Used to pack half a dozen of 36-frame rolls for every week abroad. Can’t say I miss those days.

Got my first DSLR when I graduated as an engineer in -05.  I was practically inseparable from it the following years, and my interest remains to this day. I’ve probably taken around 70 000 photographs (45 000 documented, but I’ve reset the counter a couple of times) during the years, and the number rises for every month. When you don’t have the artistic genes you got to make do with what you have, and quantities increases the possibility of good, or even great, shots. Strength in numbers, as they say.


Feel free to browse among a selection of my photos.